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30 Years of Professional cooking and catering

Chef Sterling's Bio


As a professional chef with 25 years of experience, I worked in many top restaurants in New York, I have a very diverse background in French and American cuisine and European cuisines. But what sets me   apart is that I have a strong background in baking and pastries as well.  I graduated from The Culinary Institute of America in 1993. My cooking career began as a young kid growing up on a large farm in West Virginia and often having to fend for myself and my sister. I learned to cook at a young age. Everything came from the garden or the woods, we also had our own live stock. I was introduced to butchering around 5 or six years old. We butchered cows and pigs as well as chickens and deer. I also cooked in the Navy for 4 years before going to chef school, this is where my true passion formed. I owned and operated my own restaurant for 6 years, which I received several awards including best new restaurant. Among many of my specialties I made all the desserts for the restaurant and ice cream was a big part of my dessert selections. I really enjoy making ice creams because they are very versatile and you can practically make any kind of flavor you want the imagination is the limit. So of my failures have become of my signature ice cream dishes.    While living on the farm as a young boy I also learned how to milk a cow.  Which comes one my fondest memories, using fresh cow’s milk we made ice cream in what is today an old fashioned ice cream maker you add the mix to a steel chamber or tank. Then you add ice and rock salt and start turning by hand after an hour and half you have ice cream.  This was a rare treat but I always volunteered to turn it. My inspiration for this book is my two, daughters as you can imagine they love ice cream… I kept reading the ingredients on the ice cream labels and I didn’t like what I saw added to ice cream.  So I thought what better way can I give back to them than fresh homemade ice cream without Corn syrup and artificial ingredients and dyes. Just cream eggs and sugar. “It brings Joy and happiness to everyone who enjoys it especially KIDS”

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From a perfect to a Truffle risotto. The chef delivers top notch Michilen star food and experience.